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Customer Service - Proxy Version

Janeco customers can now order on-line! Our Customer Service program allows you to order, view invoices, check status and more! Our Corporate Management Program allows you to set budgets, analyze purchase history by location and much more! They are easy to use and available to all Janeco customers. Your account number and a password are required.

Janeco offers versions of these programs for organizations with internal security systems such as proxy servers (below). Since customers who have these types of security systems are typically restricted to only allow web based internet traffic a different version of these applications is required. There are two files required for the proxy version of these applications. You will find the links to each below labeled below as part1 and part2. For these programs to operate both of these files must be stored in the same folder. Other than the additional step during downloading, the proxy version of these programs are functionally the same as the standard versions.

Janeco's Customer Service Program - Proxy Version (WebCustJaneco.exe)
button.gif (82 bytes)Download WebCustJaneco.exe Part 1 button.gif (82 bytes)Download WebCustJaneco.ini Part 2  button.gif (82 bytes)More information

Lansing Corporate Management Program - Proxy Version (WebCorpJaneco.exe)
button.gif (82 bytes)Download WebCorpJaneco.exe Part 1 button.gif (82 bytes)Download WebCorpJaneco.ini Part 2 button.gif (82 bytes)More information

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